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Cancellation/No Show Policy


We believe in our service providers and our company’s dedication to providing exceptional service each and every time you visit. We know that guests who reserve time with us are committing to a salon and spa culture that helps them feel confident and empowered, and we love being a part of your lifestyle.



We know many of you feel frustrated when you are unable to see your favorite service providers at your preferred appointment times. We understand and share that frustration with you. As a dedicated service team, we want to take care of as many of our guests as we can each day. Our intimate, relationship-oriented environment is one of the joys of our culture, and we love seeing you. 


As a whole, our industry is shrinking. Appointment availability has become generally more scarce, and we are trying to balance our ability to accommodate our loyal guests who consistently support our team with the growing demand from new guests looking for qualified service providers.


To better honor our commitment to our team and our loyal and future guests, we’ve updated our cancellation, no show and standing appointment policies. 


Cancellation / No Show Policy


We value your time and appreciate when you respect ours as well. In order to ensure the highest quality of service for all of our guests, our salon and spa company has a 48 hour cancellation policy.


Please see details below:


1st Cancellation

We get it. Things happen, and we know your ESCAPE time is important to you. However, if we do not already have one on file, we will require a credit card before reserving your next appointment.


2nd Cancellation*

Thank you for understanding that last minute cancellations directly impact our service specialists' income and ability to serve other guests. It is our policy to charge 50% of reservations cancelled in less than 48 hours.**


3rd Cancellation*

We value our service specialists' time. Guests who cancel inside of our 48 hour cancellation policy for a 3rd time will be charged 50% of the scheduled service.** We reserve the right to refuse future reservation requests.


*We reserve the right to apply credits or loyalty points to reservation cancellations that do not adhere to our policies.


**As a courtesy to our guests, we keep an ongoing waitlist for all of our service providers. We will always do our best with the time and staff we have available to offer open appointment opportunities to guests on that list. If we are able to fill the cancelled appointment with a waiting guest, we are happy to waive the cancellation fee.



No Show Policy

All no shows will be charged 50% of the scheduled service to the credit card on file. Our service providers’ time is valuable and in high demand. When guests “no show” for an appointment, it makes it impossible for us to fill our service providers’ time with a waiting guest. This negatively impacts their income as well as our company’s ability to accommodate other guests’ appointment requests. Additionally, many of our services require room or station setup with resources that may have to be discarded at a cost to the business. 

We reserve the right to refuse future reservations.



Cancellation Policy for Standing Appointments:

We love that our guests plan for their ESCAPE time. Standing appointments are a great way to ensure you get the time you prefer for your services. Because we allow our guests to hold time on our service providers’ schedules 3-6 months at a time, we ask that guests be courteous of rescheduling standing appointments. Guests who consistently move standing appointment times will be asked to limit their reservation requests to 1-2 appointments out at a time.  




Same Day Service Adjustments:

We know that time and budget constraints can hit when you least expect it. However, please understand that cancelling portions of your service when you walk in is effectively the same as "no showing” for that specific service. The opportunity to fill the time previously dedicated to your experience is now lost for both the service provider and other guests who are waiting for appointment opportunities. In the event of a last minute change, please give us as much notice as possible regarding necessary changes. Walk in cancellations may be charged for cancelled service. 


*We are aware that consultations with your service provider may require adjustments to your scheduled service and are not considered a cancellation but customization and refinement of services to best meet your needs. Please ask any Escapee for clarification if needed.


Thank you for understanding and for supporting our small business.

Salon and Spa Policies


Please allow 48 hours for cancellations.

A credit card may be required to reserve services.


Children are valuable guests. We ask that children visit ONLY as guests for their safety and comfort, as well as the comfort of all our guests. If they are not receiving a service, kindly make arrangements for their care.


Please silence all cell phones, pagers, and portable electronics.


Emidio Vincenzo ESCAPE is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal belongings.


A $25 service fee is charged for all returned checks.

Gift cards are not redeemable for cash. Gift Cards expire 5 years from date of purchase. Treat a gift as cash. Gift cards are not replaceable except when required by law. Non-reloadable.

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